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One805 Benefit Concert in Santa Barbara

Had an incredible time performing at the One805 Benefit at Kevin Costner's Ranch up in Santa Barbara, California. Not only was it an amazing experience supporting the first responders in our region, but we got to support a cavalcade of starts (Alan Parsons, John Fogerty, Maroon 5, Elliott Easton, Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter, David Pack, Danny 'Kootch' Korchmar) with and ALL STAR BAND: Jon Button (The Who) on bass, John Ferraro (Larry Carlton) on drums; Russ Irwin (Aerosmith) on keys; Sean Holt (Kenny Loggins) of sax and vocals; Lara Johnston (Don Henley) on vocals and our leader Steve Postell (The Immediate Family) on guitar.

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